Expatica: Al-Qaeda: a model for neo-Nazis? The …

Expatica: Al-Qaeda: a model for neo-Nazis?

The string of terror attacks around the world orchestrated by al-Qaeda has raised fears among German police that the nation’s neo-Nazi movement might trying to learn from the tactics used by Osama bin Laden’s network of loosely connected cells. Ernest Gill asks: are neo-Nazis adopting a new strategy of violence?
Osama bin Laden’s tactics could be a model of Germany’s radical right ‘For five years we have been running this snack bar and there’s never been any trouble,’ the 38-year-old Vietnamese immigrant says as she wraps a veal doner kebab in foil and hands it to a customer with what she hopes passes for a smile. ‘But I’m terrified now, after what happened to my husband the other evening.’ It was right here, at the Euro Imbiss snack bar at the corner of Rudower and Glienicker streets in Berlin, that her 40-year-old husband was attacked by neo-Nazi thugs.

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