The Orion Online: Holocaust hate speech Bradley…

The Orion Online: Holocaust hate speech

Bradley R. Smith wasted an hour of my life last week trying to convince me and about 15 other people that the Holocaust didn’t happen the way our history books said it did. He said he wasn’t there to talk about his Holocaust revisionism, but he was. About a week before his visit he sent three copies of his book, ‘Break His Bones,’ to The Orion. In the preface of his book Smith said his ‘built-in shit-detector’ went off when he started questioning the history of gas chambers. Smith goes to campuses because he wants publicity for his ideas. I am aware that by writing about this, I grant him the publicity he desires. I almost didn’t want to write about him at all because I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of seeing his name in print again, but I can’t let this topic slide. You can also see A-4 for Gitzel Vargas’ story about his presentation.

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