More charges for white supremacist

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Feds seize another hard drive, allegedly full of kiddie porn

Dressed in the standard black and white prison stripes and girded in shackles, Kevin Alfred Strom strode into the U.S. District courtroom with a beatific smile, and then noticed an elderly couple amid the 10 or 15 people in the audience. “Thanks for coming,” he said to them. “I love you. Tell the kids I’m staying strong.” He then took a seat as U.S. District Judge Norman K. Moon strolled in to consider the arguments before him. Strom—a well-known white supremacist and leader of the National Vanguard—was arrested in January of this year and initially charged with two counts of possession of child porn and witness tampering. In April, the prosecution brought forward more charges, including a count of child solicitation.

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