Neo-Nazis and Workers’ Party member threaten Natálka and her supporters


Earlier this week, reported on vulgar contributions insulting little Natálka Siváková which are being made by neo-Nazis on the discussion forum Now the web server has reported further evidence of the openly monstrous racism of the members of the Autonomous Nationalists and the Workers’ Party. News server Prvnízprá cites the article in its own reporting. Little Natálka has received many Christmas gifts from various people and has thus become a thorn in the side of Jan Fuksa, a Workers’ Party member and candidate. Fuksa has openly threatened anyone and everyone who has sent the child presents, writing: ”Those who send even the smallest gift to a colored girl do not deserve to live in a white society. One day we will select them for removal.” Tomáš Skyba, a member of the Autonomous Nationalists in Zlín region, wrote in: “I’d put a can of Zyklon under her [Natalka’s] Christmas tree.” (Editor’s Note: The Nazis murdered the prisoners interned in their concentration camps with Zyklon B gas in the gas chambers). Neo-Nazi Jan Bareš wrote: “I’d give her a nice little bottle of gasoline and matches, since it’s Christmas!” Prvnízprá reports that the worst contributions have been made by 21-year-old neo-Nazi Martin Grund of Teplice, who writes on Facebook under the nickname Obergruppenfuhrer Böhse Onkel and called Natálka a “gypsy beaver”, writing: “I would send her a beautiful package of anthrax so she can breathe better.”

via Romano Vodi – Neo-Nazis and Workers’ Party member threaten Natálka and her supporters – News.