Death of accused Holocaust museum shooter leave some frustrated he won’t stand trial

The death of a white supremacist accused of opening fire at the Holocaust museum has left some conflicted — not sorry he’s gone, but frustrated that he won’t stand trial. The 89-year-old James von Brunn, who faced charges that could have earned him the death penalty, died Wednesday at a North Carolina federal prison while awaiting trial. Authorities say von Brunn walked up to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum on June 10 carrying a vintage rifle and shot Stephen T. Johns, who was black, as the guard was opening the door for him. Von Brunn was shot in the face by return fire.

via Death of accused Holocaust museum shooter leave some frustrated he won’t stand trial – WQAD.

siehe auch: Holocaust Museum Shooter Dies in Prison Hospital: Reports. Holocaust museum shooter and white supremacist James Von Bruun has died. Von Brunn reportedly had chronic heart disease and was struggling with several issues at the time of his death. He claimed he shot the man at the Holocaust museum to stop what he viewed as a Jewish takeover of the world. The shooting that he was involved where he killed the security guard at the museum commemorating the Holocaust in Washington D.C. caused him great health problems due to the wound that he suffered. Von Brunn actually died at a hospital near the North Carolina prison where he was being help. Public reaction to his death appears to be that it seems to have saved the taxpayers of this nation some money; Radicals React: Holocaust Museum Killer Was a Hero (or a Patsy). White supremacists reacted swiftly to the death of Holocaust Museum shooter and long-time neo-Nazi James von Brunn by lauding his actions and promoting conspiracy theories about his demise. (…) On Stormfront, the leading white supremacist Web forum, posters speculated this afternoon that von Brunn might not have died of natural causes, suggesting that evil forces were actually responsible for his demise. “I knew that case would never go to trial,” wrote “LawAbidingCitizen.” “There were so many holes in the ‘official’ story that it would have been a laughingstock.” Added “MedicineHat”: “Sounds like a clear cut case of ‘Jewicide.’” Many others praised him as a hero. “James Wenneker Von [sic] Brunn died a martyr,” wrote “starviego.” “Long live James Wenneker Von Brunn.” Said “allkesh”: “Great man who gave his best for his people!” “Kennewickman,” a Stormfront moderator, put it like this: “Every man or woman who expresses opposition to ZOG [a neo-Nazi acronym for Zionist Occupation Government, meaning the federal government] and dies in ZOG’s hands is a martyr, automatically.” Not everyone was so enamored, however. “He was an idiot, a crazed old kook,” wrote “Notakook.” “His actions might as well be scripted in Hollywood: ‘Mean, hateful, old racist, Jew hater, evil NAZI attacks Holocaust Museum. Honest, Black African American doorman/security guard is murdered!’ Yeah, that’s really a heroic act, really helps our ‘movement.’ We have to find things for our old men to do that do not involve military invasions of museums! Wow. Really pathetic folks.”;  Todesschütze vom Washingtoner Holocaust-Museum stirbt im Gefängnis. Der US-amerikanische Rechtsextremist James von Brunn, der am 10. Juni 2009 im Eingangsbereich des Washingtoner Holocaust-Museums einen 39 Jahre alten Wachmann erschossen hat, ist im Alter von 89 Jahren in einem Gefängniskrankenhaus gestorben. Bevor er mehr Blut vergießen konnte, war er durch Schüsse von Kollegen des Getöteten gestoppt worden, überlebte seine Verletzungen aber.

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