Eastern Europe Jews urge antisemitism fight

The World Congress of Russian-speaking Jews urged action to fight Holocaust denial and antisemitism in former Soviet republics in a conference in Berlin last month. At issue is the alleged glorification of wartime Nazi collaborators, rehabilitated today as nationalist heroes, particularly in Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine, charged Boris Shpigel, president of the WCRJ. Some critics have said that Russia is trying to whitewash its own past, while criticising its former satellites. But Mr Shpigel, who is a deputy in the Russian Parliament, countered that there are genuine reasons to be concerned about rising nationalism in eastern Europe. In two resolutions, representatives urged a halt to historical revisionism and Holocaust denial, to the “downplaying of the crucial role of the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany and attempts… to equate Soviet and Nazi regimes”. The conference drew 500 guests from 28 countries, including many former Soviet veterans of World War II, quite a few of whom now live in Israel.

via Eastern Europe Jews urge antisemitism fight | The Jewish Chronicle.