A FORMER leading European neo-Nazi has claimed a role in the theft of the Auschwitz Holocaust sign. Anders Hoegstrom – founder of the anti-immigrant National Socialist Front in Sweden in the 1990s – allegedly organised the crime. The infamous “Arbeit Macht Frei” sign at the concentration camp bears the three most powerful words from the Nazi killing machine. Hoegstrom told a Swedish newspaper: “My role was to get the sign in Poland. I was the middleman and was supposed to take care of the sale.”

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siehe auch: Brit hired Swedish Nazis for Auschwitz raid: report. A Swedish right-wing extremist group agreed to help a wealthy UK-based collector and Nazi sympathizer acquire the “Arbeit Macht Frei” sign from the Auschwitz concentration camp in exchange for „huge money“, according to a British newspaper; Former neo-Nazi leader Angers Hoegstrom ‘ordered Auschwitz sign theft’. A former leading European neo-Nazi has claimed that he was the middleman in the theft of the Auschwitz sign bearing the three most powerful words from the Holocaust: “Arbeit Macht Frei”.  According to Polish and Swedish investigators, the theft was organised by Anders Hoegstrom — who set up the virulently anti-immigrant National Socialist Front in Sweden in the 1990s(…) Mr Hoegstrom claims that he turned himself in to the Swedish authorities when he suddenly became aware that the sign was to be sold to a collector and the money used to fund a campaign to disrupt the Swedish election campaign this year, if necessary with violence. (…) The Swedish intelligence agency SaePo has confirmed that it is investigating reports of a neo-Nazi plot to blow up the Swedish parliament, the Riksdag, and the home of the Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt. The leader of the Polish gang, named only as Marcin A by the Polish authorities, got to know Mr Hoegstrom two years ago while doing odd jobs on his family estate in southern Sweden; Schweden: Ex-Neonazi Anders Högström will am Diebstahl des Auschwitz-Schildes beteiligt gewesen sein. Der ehemalige Führer der 1994 gegründeten Neonazi-Gruppe „Nationalsocialistisk fron“ (NSF, Nationalsozialistische Front), Anders Högström, hat gegenüber schwedischen Medien angegeben, in den Diebstahl der metallenen Inschrift „Arbeit macht frei“ aus der Gedenkstätte des ehemaligen Konzentrationslagers Auschwitz involviert gewesen zu sein.