Czech police detain three suspected extremists

The Czech police Squad for Uncovering Organised Crime (UOOZ) detained three people suspected of public promotion of neo-Nazi movements on Wednesday, and the police plan to accuse six people, UOOZ spokesman Pavel Hantak told CTK today . He added the UOOZ might arrest more people. The police action code-named Lotta II follows up the October crackdown on extremists. On Wednesday, the UOOZ was operating in Prague, Brno, Jihlava, south Moravia, and in Svetla nad Sazavou, east Bohemia. The raid continues, Hantak said, and this is why he refused to release more details on the case. Lotta II was launched in early morning hours on Wednesday. “It is the culmination of the detectives´ long-term work based on information obtained not only from the investigation into the police files from last October,” Hantak said. Last October the police carried out an extensive raid among alleged neo-Nazis. Detectives detained 24 people in several places all over the Czech Republic. Organised crime police chief Robert Slachta then said some of the detainees were originally suspected of having prepared a terrorist attack in the Czech Republic.

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