Czech Workers´ Party inspired by national socialism – expert

The Czech ultra-right Workers’ Party has been inspired by German national socialism and Adolf Hitler´s ideology in some aspects, expert in rightist extremism Michal Mazel testified in court dealing with the party’s abolition today. This is manifested, for instance, by the party´s classification of people according to their ethnicity, race, Mazel told the court. He added that the DS is mainly aimed at Romanies this way.

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siehe auch: Workers’ Party ideologically and rhetorically linked to Nazism. Here in the Czech Republic, some journalists and lawyers have gotten used to taking the arguments of Workers’ Party chair Tomáš Vandas seriously. To a great extent, the positivistic approach of courts to the law, which focuses more on formal requirements than on the essence of a case, is responsible for this. Why this method of consideration has been taken on by journalists deserves a separate study. Let’s look more closely at the main arguments that have been made by Vandas during this ongoing trial; DS trial Day 4: DS linked to Hitler’s legacy, Šlégr and Švehlík refuse to testify. Yesterday, the hearing before the Supreme Administrative Court on the Czech Government’s motion to dissolve the Workers’ Party (Dělnická strana – DS) entered its fourth day. The government presented a great deal of irrefutable evidence on the connection between the party and neo-Nazi groups. Presiding judge Vojtěch Šimíček began the proceedings by asking whether the government had any other evidence to introduce. Representatives of the government submitted a text to the court of a right-wing speech given in German at a march in Munich in May 2009. Patrik Vondrák, the head of the Prague DS branch, also spoke at the march. “In our view, this documents the fact that the neo-Nazi movement is internationalizing, and within that framework, a highly-placed representative of the Workers’ Party is making speeches,” Czech Interior Ministry lawyer Karel Bačkovský explained to Texts downloaded from the DS website served as a second piece of government evidence. The press department of the party published its “Invitation to Svitavy” on that website, calling for a demonstration against the imprisonment of Vlastimil Pechanec, who was sentenced several years ago to an extraordinary sentence of 17 years in prison for racially motivated murder. DS head Tomáš Vandas denied the party had convened the event. The DS leader evaded responsibility by characterizing the announcement as “just general information that the event is taking place, nothing more.” According to right-wing extremism expert Michal Mazel, the party is inspired by German National Socialism and the ideology of Adolf Hitler. This can be seen, for example, in their classification of people according to nationality. “In many of their speeches there is a tendency to distinguish among people according to their ethnicity, according to their racial origin, to separate people into ‘us, the good’ and ‘them, the bad’,” testified Mazel. The DS was said to primarily target Roma. Vandas has long denied any connection to Nazism.