Neo-Nazi Stage Mom Seeks a New Line of Work

It’s been a while since April Gaede’s teenage daughters appeared as the racist pop-singing duo Prussian Blue, but the former neo-Nazi stage mom is planning to keep busy with a new vocation: white-power matchmaker. Eager to see white folks reproduce, Gaede is touting her services on, the leading white supremacist Web forum. “I am willing to act as a go between, researcher, matchmaker, older sister and guide for any WNs [white nationalists] who are looking for a WN spouse,” she wrote earlier this month. “Only email me if you are serious about finding a spouse or long term partner.” (…) In addition to micro-managing her daughters’ musical act, Gaede has boasted of scoring free merchandise by distracting clerks at chain stores. She once rode a horse through town almost naked as part of a radio promotion. And in 2007, she arranged for the body of white nationalist hero David Lane to be transported from a federal prison in Indiana — where he was serving a 190-year sentence in connection with the murder of Jewish talk show host Alan Berg — to her home in Montana. Lane’s cremated remains were apportioned among 14 miniature pyramids, one for each of the “14 Words” — a racist creed Lane authored. The pyramids were supposed to go to 14 white nationalist women, but it wasn’t long before Gaede and others were bitterly feuding over Lane-related matters.

viaNeo-Nazi Stage Mom Seeks a New Line of Work | Hatewatch | Southern Poverty Law Center."