A SOLDIER in Prince Charles’ regiment is today exposed as a Nazi fan and BNP supporter. Anthony Phipps proudly shows off a Nazi tattoo and pictures of SWASTIKAS on his Facebook page. In one snap, he and some pals appear to be making hateful Sieg Heil gestures used to salute Adolf Hitler. Another shows a tattoo featuring a Nazi Party-style eagle standing on top of a St George Cross. Phipps makes clear his racist beliefs by stating his political views are “BNP”. Although being a BNP member is not banned in the armed forces, it is frowned upon by top brass. Last night, it was revealed that Phipps has gone AWOL. He is being hunted by Military Police – who on Friday raided an address in the West Midlands – as well as facing a carpeting over his sinister political beliefs.

viaSOLDIER OF HATE | Nazi fan and BNP supporter Anthony Phipps | News Of The World.