Stopping the Nazis in Dresden


Counterprotesters from all over Germany and Europe gathered in Dresden to prevent neo-Nazis from marching. Alexandra Cooper and Loren Balhorn report. MORE THAN 10,000 anti-fascists turned out in Dresden, Germany, to protest a yearly gathering on February 13 of neo-Nazis on the anniversary of the 1945 bombing raid that destroyed the city. Antiracist counterprotesters formed a blockade around the New Town train station where the Nazi demonstration was scheduled to be held, successfully confining the 5,000 far-right demonstrators to a small area for the whole day. With cries of “¡No Pasarán!” and “Nazis out of our city!” protesters blockaded the streets around the train station to the north, and formed a human chain along the Elbe River to prevent the Nazis from marching into the old city. Over 10,000 people participated in the different sections of the blockade, including Dresden residents and its mayor, activists from the Left Party and the Green Party, anti-fascist activists, trade unionists and students from throughout Germany and Europe. Activists organized buses from around the country to bring protesters to Dresden. More than 200 buses, including more than 30 from Berlin alone, arrived in Dresden in the early morning to participate in the blockades.

viaSocialist Workers Party – Stopping the Nazis in Dresden.

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