White supremacist group eyes property in John Day


Leaders of the Aryan Nations in Idaho say they want to move the headquarters of their white supremacist movement to Grant County. Paul R. Mullet, who called himself national director of the movement, was in John Day this week, looking at property to buy for a new “national compound.” The visit stirred concern in many quarters, where residents worried about the neo-Nazi sentiments of the movement and the negative impact that it could have on the community. The group teaches that the white race is the only one descended from Adam, and that Jews and non-whites are the natural enemies of white people. The mission, outlined on the group’s website, is to create a state for the “Aryan race,” separate from all non-whites, and a “lawful Congress of our race.” Mullet, wearing a uniform shirt with a swastika patch on it, said the group’s goal is to create a homeland for white people.

viaWhite supremacist group eyes property in John Day.