Treasure hunters resume search for alleged Nazi gold train

Team will begin digging at site in south-west Poland despite scientists saying there is no evidence the train full of loot exists. Treasure hunters have relaunched their search for a lost Nazi gold train allegedly loaded with loot and buried in south-western Poland, despite there being no scientific evidence it exists. “The train isn’t a needle in a haystack, if it’s there, we’ll find it,” said the project spokesman, Andrzej Gaik. The story sparked a media frenzy last August when two men claimed to have discovered an armoured Nazi-era train using ground-penetrating radar near the city of Wałbrzych. At the time, Piotr Koper, a Pole, and German national Andreas Richter said they had discovered several train carriages measuring a total of 98 metres (320ft) that were buried about eight to nine metres (26-28ft) underground. They said they believed the contents were mostly weapon prototypes, though local legend spoke of artwork, jewels and gold stolen by the Nazis.

via guardian: Treasure hunters resume search for alleged Nazi gold train

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