Twin Cities Anti-Fascists Kick Out Neo-Fascist Luke Tromiczak

On December 15th, Anti-Fascist community members confronted known neo-fascist Luke Tromiczak at the Triple Rock Social Club. Luke was scheduled to perform at the venue that night under the name Blood and Sun (A description of Tromiczak’s fascist affiliations and past appears at the bottom of this post.) As Antifa removed Luke from the venue, he was given a clear message: NAZIS ARE NOT WELCOME IN MINNEAPOLIS. [A profile of Luke Tromizcak is at the end of this statement] We will not allow fascists or their associates to gain a foothold in the city. Our cities have kicked organized fascists like the National Socialist Movement (NSM) and the bonehead crew White Knights out of town, and have kept them out for decades now. We have no intention of relaxing our refusal to allow racists and fascists a platform to spread their poisonous ideas (To learn about the anti-fascist policy of “No Platform,” start here.) Fascists like Luke use shows to organize and spread their message of hate.  Shows are a prime recruiting ground for young people who have been exposed to far right politics. White Nationalists become members of a subcultural music scene, and then recruit fellow members into their ideologies. In addition to recruitment and legitimization efforts, fascists use popular culture venues to fund their other, more directly threatening actions and organizations. We are the community that Luke despises, and against which he preaches and promotes genocidal violence. We are workers, women, people of color, LGBTQIA, disabled, immigrants, Muslims, Jews, and more. We do not have the luxury of “ignoring fascists in the hope that they will ‘go away.’” We’ve seen how that ends up, historically.

Source: Twin Cities Anti-Fascists Kick Out Neo-Fascist Luke Tromiczak – Twin Cities General Defense Committee