Protesters who blocked Worcester streets, chanted slogans arrested


Police arrested seven protesters who blocked traffic Sunday afternoon, shouted anti-police slogans and marched across the city. A group of about 50 men and women – many wearing handkerchiefs tied over their faces – carried an effigy of Donald Trump and a large sign reading “Antifascist Action New England.” Members of the group unleashed a string of profanities when asked for comment about their protest. Some swung flags on metal poles in an attempt to prevent photographers from documenting the event and told reporters to “stop filming my people.” Police in several cruisers and on motorcycles followed the protest that began outside U.S. District Court on Main Street at around 3 p.m., then moved toward Kelley Square and up Front Street, where there was a brief pause at City Hall. One protester shouted, “We’re gonna be surrounded,” and encouraged the marchers to keep moving. The group then marched along Main Street, Chandler Street, Piedmont Street and May Street while police used a loudspeaker to warn the group that they would be arrested if they continued to block traffic. The group chanted, often using profanity, “Who’s streets? Our Streets” and “Off the sidewalks into the streets.” They chanted, “No cops, no KKK, no fascist USA.”

Source: Protesters who blocked Worcester streets, chanted slogans arrested