#Thessaloniki: Fascists Protest Against Refugee Children At Elementary School #RefugeesGR


About 30 fascists of the so called “Patriotic Union”protested against 9 refugee children at an elementary school in Oreokastro, a suburb of Thessalonki, Greece. Riot cops protected the fascists against counter protesters but in at least one case the cops were not successful. On Friday fascists of the same group blocked the school entrance, as they chained themselves at the gate of th. The fascists protested against refugee children who attend a Greek school in Oreokastro. The fascists of the so called “Patriotic Union” intimidated the children with racist slogans and demanded that the refugee children have to be removed from the Greek school in the suburb of Greece second largest city Thessaloniki. Video of todays fascist action by the No Border Network Reports say  the fascists were chanting “Death to immigrants” and “Say hello to Pavlos Fyssas” (antifascist rapper, murdered by fascist Golden Dawn members 2013). Last week members of the fascist Golden Dawn party provoked the mother of Fyssas, asking her “Where is your son?”, during a court case agaist the fascist party.

Source: #Thessaloniki: Fascists Protest Against Refugee Children At Elementary School #RefugeesGR | Enough is Enough!