Does Defend Europe ship have armed guards on board?

Defend Europe has stated it will have security staff on-board ship ready to “take action”. C-Star owner is involved in providing armed Ukrainian security teams for ships. C-Star met with a vessel named ‘Jupiter’ en-route to Suez Canal which was carrying armed personnel from Dubai. C-Star was previously recorded as a “floating armoury” in 2014, used by private maritime security to store and hold weapons. Yesterday HOPE not hate continued the fightback against Defend Europe, the far-right mission to hinder lifesaving work by search-and-rescue NGOs in the Mediterranean. We revealed that the owner of the (rebranded) ship being used by Defend Europe, Sven Tomas Egerstrom, had a criminal past. However, we have now unearthed evidence that raises the question of whether the ship, the ‘C-Star’, is carrying armed guards. This question has to be answered by Defend Europe before it begins its ‘mission’ in the Mediterranean. Ukrainian armed guards? Daniel Fiß, leader of the German branch of the pan-European, far-right Identitarian movement that is behind Defend Europe, told that the group would be taking security staff aboard the C-Star to “take action” against potentially-armed human traffickers. He also told that there would be six crew members, aside from this security. Interestingly Lorenzo Fiato, an Italian leader of Defend Europe, said in a recent statement that the ship’s crew were Ukrainian. Sven Tomas Egerstrom, the ship’s Swedish owner based in Cardiff, has an ongoing interest in companies which provide private armed security services at sea, specifically using Ukrainian personnel. According to Companies House, Sven Tomas Egerstrom was a director and consultant for a company called Seamarshals Risk Management Ltd from December 2011 before resigning in March 2014. Aside from its remaining director, Stephen Mark Collins, the only other person with significant control of the company is Marshals Group Plc, which own 75% or more of the shares of Seamarshals Risk Management Ltd. However, not only has Egerstrom been a director of Marshals Group Plc since January 31st 2017 (the same day Stephen Mark Collins resigned from this additional director role), he also owns 75% or more of its shares. Sea Marshals Risk Management Ltd provides “armed security teams” at sea equipped with semi-automatic rifles. It recently told Wales Online that its crews included Ukrainians. Indeed, its site indicates that it is currently planning a recruitment day in Odessa, Ukraine.

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Mail Online columnist Katie Hopkins “looking forward to meeting the crew” in week of reporting. HOPE not hate’s investigations show the director of the company chartering the ship, ‘Suunta’ (now renamed ‘C-Star’) is a convicted fraudster. Sven Tomas Egerstrom, director of Marine Global Services LTD, which own the C-Star, was convicted of fraud in 2002 and sentenced to prison for two-and-a-half years in jail, Swedish criminal records reveal. Egerstrom’s record of fraud When contacted for comment, Ergstrom confirmed that his company does indeed own the C-Star and that it has provided the onboard crew for the mission. He also confirmed that he was aware of Defend Europe’s intentions when he allowed it to charter the ship. When asked what he thought of his boat being used by far-right activists, he said: “We don’t take political places or stance in a commercial business for any grounds. […] I don’t see any problem with the vessel being in the area conducting legal research.”  In relation to possible illegality of Defend Europe’s actions, he added: “We won’t let our vessels get involved in any form of illegal activity at all, and if the vessel is involved in illegal activity we fully expect the authorities to deal with that.”  Defend Europe’s mission to monitor and confront search-and-rescue NGO ships and return refugees crossing the Mediterranean back towards Libya – a failed state – has recently gained a wider profile.