Leader of the Ukrainian Nazi Organisation “C14” Admitted That His Group Works for the SBU

The SBU uses Ukrainian nationalists in protest actions and actions to suppress the opposition. This was stated by one of the leaders of the extremist group “C14“ Evgeny Karas in an interview to “Liga.News”. According to him, Ukrainian law enforcement officers leak information about who they consider as separatists, and the nationalists sort them out. “Our interactions with the Security Service is only within the framework of separatists. If we have information, we transfer it to the SBU. If they have information, sometimes they transfer it to us,” said the radical.
According to him, law enforcement agencies inform also Azov, Right Sector, and other similar groups. For example, during meetings with possible threats, law enforcement officers actually ask them about help. “Conditionally speaking, if there is a separatist meeting, then they inform us. For example, Odessa, on May 2nd. Everyone says that Russian money arrived for destabilization. That’s why they ask: who can come? There will be trouble, help,” stated Karas. According to him, even deputies – such as Petrenko, Lutsenko, Ilyenko, Sobolev, sometimes Parasyuk, Kostenko, and Bublik – cooperate with C14. At the same time Karas doesn’t admit that the SBU simply uses them. “Maybe it’s us who use the SBU? But I understand very well that tomorrow they can be given the order to eliminate us. Exactly in the same way that the SBU, in my opinion, dismantled Right Sector. A part of Right Sector trusted the special services, while they appeared to be dismantlers,” he noted. He also added that members of the group haven’t yet received any penalty, because the police don’t touch them. “Sometimes it happened that the patrol force asked us: guys, if you are going to beat up separatists, do it in such a way that we don’t see it — I can’t forbid you, but I am on duty, so do it in such a way that I don’t have to catch you,” admitted Karas. In turn, the Ukrainian diplomat, the former speaker of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Oleg Voloshin emphasized that a large international anti-terrorist website added the C14 group to its list.

via stalkerzone: Leader of the Ukrainian Nazi Organisation “C14” Admitted That His Group Works for the SBU

siehe auch: UK Parliament – Early day motion 462: REPORTING OF UKRAINE BY THE BBC. That this House is deeply concerned by the reporting by the BBC of the Kiev-based organisation C14, a far right organisation with neo-Nazi origins; considers the reporting of C14 activities fails to uphold BBC editorial values; is further concerned that the BBC has afforded a degree of legitimacy to C14, allowing it to disguise itself as a nationalist organisation engaged in reasonable activities designed to defend Ukrainian sovereignty; believes that the BBC has failed to apply due rigour in failing to report on the known history of violence by C14, including attacks on the LGBT community, violence against ethnic minorities, journalists and trade unionists and an attack on a police officer using a grenade during Kiev Pride; expresses deep concern at reporting of C14 activities as educational conversation and petty hooliganism; and calls on the BBC to uphold the values and standards expected by licence fee payers in the reporting on Ukraine.

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