‘Prince & Knight’ Puts A Gay-Inclusive Twist On Traditional Fairy Tales

Daniel Haack’s picture book is the first release in a major GLAAD effort for kids. In Daniel Haack’s new picture book, a handsome prince’s search for happily ever after ends, as many fairy tales do, with a wedding. In this case, however, the prince’s heart isn’t won over by a beautiful maiden, but rather a knight in shining armor.  Haack, who resides in Los Angeles, said an overall lack of LGBTQ representation in children’s media inspired him to write Prince & Knight, released May 1. The book features stunning, full-color illustrations by Stevie Lewis that depict the prince’s stuggles in finding a bride, a battle with a ferocious, fire-breathing dragon and, finally, true love’s kiss. “Kids deserve to see their own lives and their families represented,” the first-time author, head of marketing and communications at JibJab for the children’s educational media brand StoryBots, told HuffPost. “I thought it’d be cool to take these classic fairy tale tropes of Prince Charming and the knight in shining armor and tell a story in which not only do they save the day, but they find true love in each other, too.”  Prince & Knight arrives days ahead of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s real-life royal wedding on Saturday. Haack insists he didn’t time his book’s release deliberately, calling it a “total and wonderful coincidence.”

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