What is the problem with the Nordic Resistance Movement?

When the limits of democracy and the rule of law for threats and abuse are overstepped, the authorities must react – decisively. Right now, the neo-Nazi organisation calling itself the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) is working systematically to expand its presence across the Nordic region. The movement currently comprises several hundred members in Sweden, less than a hundred in Finland, and a few dozen active members in Norway. The group’s objective is to establish a racially pure Nordic nation, and it is willing to use physical force to achieve this objective if that should be deemed relevant and necessary. In the meantime, the NRM has been specialising in pushing the limits of democracy and the rule of law through harassment, threats and violence against opponents and the police. Such episodes could be considered trivial compared to other serious crimes the police have to deal with. Subtle threats and street fights can also be difficult to prosecute due to a lack of evidence. It would therefore be easy to just shrug our shoulders and look the other way. But we should not do that. When threats, harassment and violence are systematised and orchestrated by a revolutionary resistance group, the authorities must take it seriously. The danger is not that this group will achieve political power on a national level, the danger is actually that victims of threats, harassment or violence will not be properly protected by our authorities, and will, in a worst case scenario, be intimidated into silence. This is already happening in some local communities, and we cannot tolerate it.

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