Roma to Sue Serbia for ‘Tolerating’ War Crime

Representatives of Serbia’s Roma community said they plan to sue the state at the European Court of Human Rights after a Belgrade court acquitted members of paramilitary group of killing 27 Roma civilians in 1992. The National Council of Roma, the constitutionally-endorsed body representing the country’s Roma, and the Roma Centre for Strategy, Development and Democracy NGO said on Thursday that they will sue the Serbian state at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg over the recent verdict that acquitted six paramilitaries of killing 27 Roma in 1992. They said that Serbia “tolerated a grave war crime by uniformed citizens by Serbia with arms given to them by the then JNA [Yugoslav People’s Army], Army of Republika Srpska and the Serbian MUP [interior ministry]”. News agency Beta reported that they sent an open letter announcing the lawsuit to the Serbian president, prime minister and justice ministry, as well as to the OSCE and several other international organisations.

via balkan insight:Roma to Sue Serbia for ‘Tolerating’ War Crime

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