Alt-right speakers Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern anger NZ Muslims

New Zealand’s Muslim community is angry that two controversial alt-right speakers have been allowed to work in the country. Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux were banned from speaking at Auckland Council’s Bruce Mason Centre, but were today granted working visas by Immigration New Zealand. The two Canadians are known for their Islamophobic views and the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand president, Hazim Arafeh, expressed his displeasure after the visa announcement. “This type of speech makes all Muslims of the world very, very angry. “There’s a lot of tension in the community – there’s a lot of profiling of Muslims and that’s not conducive to the public good.” The two speakers are used to finding themselves at the centre of controversy. Ms Southern turned up to an event for survivors of sexual assault carrying a sign that said: “There is no rape culture in the West.” She also wrote a book called Barbarians: How Baby Boomers, Immigrants and Islam Screwed my Generation. Mr Molyneux subscribes to a conspiracy theory about a white genocide and claims that violence is caused by how women treat children. Such views prompted Auckland Council to ban them from speaking at its venues. But Immigration Minister Ian Lees-Galloway said they were still entitled to work here. “The grounds on which someone can be excluded from New Zealand involve things like being involved in a terrorist organisation, being convicted of a crime or have clearly been involved in inciting violence. “None of those applied to those two people.” Event promoter David Pellowe said moves were underway to try and secure a private venue for the two speakers but it was proving difficult.

via radionz: Alt-right speakers Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern anger NZ Muslims

siehe auch: Violent threats made against peace group opposing visit of controversial Canadian pair, Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux. A group opposing the New Zealand visit by two controversial Canadian speakers accused of hate speech say they are being threatened on social media. Far-right activists Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux have been granted visas to hold public speaking events in New Zealand. The pair hold far-right views on topics ranging from feminism and immigration to Islam. Auckland Peace Action group is among those opposing the pair’s visit, with spokeswoman Valerie Morse saying she had been receiving “threats of violence from neo-Nazis for speaking up against the visit of these two racists”.

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