Skinheads charged in attack at Avalon bar

Six people alleged to be part of a white supremacist group face charges of assault and ethnic intimidation in the violent beating of a black bar patron in Avalon earlier this month. Several people in a group that attacked Paul Morris on July 7 at the Jackman Inn had tattoos marking them as skinheads or had symbols associated with skinheads, police wrote in a criminal complaint filed Wednesday. “Several were wearing shirts with KSS (keystone state skinheads) with a doggie head inside a keystone shape,” police wrote in the complaint. The Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups across the country, labels the Keystone State Skinheads – known since 2009 as Keystone United – one such hate group. According to the nonprofit, it is “one of the largest and most active single-state racist skinhead crews in the country.” The attack happened when Morris came to the bar to drop off a thank-you card for his friend, head chef Javon Jenkins. Morris’s attorney, Fred Rabner, said the card was a thank-you to Jenkins for cooking the food for Morris’s son’s graduation party. Morris told police he and Jenkins were on the bar’s back deck smoking when a group of men and women confronted them, the criminal complaint stated. He said members of the group referred to Jenkins as “black” but used a racial slur when referring to Morris. Police wrote in the complaint that when Morris tried to walk back inside, someone hit him, and a fight ensued. He told officers he ended up on the ground while the group of seven to 10 men and women punched and kicked him.
The group scattered when the bartender announced she was calling police, according to the complaint. Officers wrote that while they were interviewing Morris, the group walked by. An officer shouted for them to stop, two did but the rest kept walking, the complaint stated.

via triblive: Skinheads charged in attack at Avalon bar

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