Series of mobilizations of fascist mobs on the German territory in the coming weeks after #Chemnitz and #Koethen

Fascists are again mobilizing to Chemnitz and Koethen, but there are much more fascists mobilzations in the coming weeks. Also in the western part of the German territory. On Monday fascists in Koethen were openly calling for a national socialist German state. After two nights of fascist terror in #Chemnitz, German at August 26 and 27, fascists took the streets of Chemnitz again on September 1 and September 7. On September 1 antifascists managed to block the fascist march. One of the attackers against a migrant in Chemnitz on August 26 (Video in the tweet below) is now identified. The identified man worked for the private security company “Securitas” in a refugee lager (!!!) in Chemnitz. The security company fired the man after they identified him on the video as one of their employees. The news came out after the president of the German “Bundesverfassungsschutz” (Secret Intelligence Service), Hans-Georg Maaßen, came under pressure after he publicly doubted if the video was real. The migrant that was hunted in the video already filed charges against the attackers at a police station in Chemnitz. Several other refugees confirmed the video was not a fake and recorded on August 26, 2018. #c2608 Video: Fascists attacking a migrant in #Chemnitz #Germany today. This was 1 of many attacks out of a demo of more than 1000. Fascists are mobilizing to Chemnitz for tomorrow again. Video by @AZeckenbiss — Enough is Enough! (@enough14) 26. August 2018 Maaßen also said there were no hunts against migrants and leftwing people in Chemnitz. State prime minster of Saxony, Kretschmer (CDU) said the same and similar remarks were made by federal minister of interior Horst Seehofer of the now far right CSU. An internal document of Chemnitz police proofs Maaßen and the politicians who denied these hunts took place were wrong. The cops speak about two people with iron bars in front of the train station before the fascist gathering even started. Another part of the police document speaks about 100 masked fascists with stones who were “looking for migrants”. The cops are also speaking about 20 to 30 fascists who attacked the jewish restaurant “Shalom” in Chemnitz in their document. The fascists yelled “Leave Germany, you jewish pig!”
Federal minister of interior Horst Seehofer did not only deny the hunts against migrants took place, after Chemnitz he also said: “Migration is the mother of all problems”. Its not easy for antifascists on the German territory right now. Especially not in some of the eastern parts of the German territory where many fascists have their strongholds. The CDU in Saxony can be considered as a far right party and turn a blind eye on the fascist problem. Former CDU prime minister Kurt Biedenkopf once said “Saxony is immune for fascism”. After the fascist mobilzations in Chemnitz the current prime minister of Saxony, Kretschmer (CDU) said that the state has to act against the refugee problem. Part of the problem are also liberals of the social-democratic SPD. The SPD is part of many state governments and part of Angela Merkel’s federal government. One of their (SPD) officials in Saxony cried after she heard the band Egotronic and saw “militant antifa’s” in Chemnitz on September 1. The whole political landscape shifted to the right, with the “traditional” CDU, CSU and SPD removing taboos for the fascist AFD with racist campaigns, sharpened asylum laws and their backing of racist EU border policies: including the drownings at sea which killed tens of thousands. The federal government also backed the criminalization of life savers at the Mediterranean Sea.

via enough is enough: Series of mobilizations of fascist mobs on the German territory in the coming weeks after #Chemnitz and #Koethen

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