Less than 25% of hate crime reports on UK railways lead to charges

British Transport Police figures also show average of eight hate crimes are reported per day. Less than one-quarter of hate crimes reported on Britain’s railway networks since 2015 have resulted in the suspect being charged or summonsed. Two-fifths of crimes reported to British Transport Police (BTP) in the same period did not result in prosecution because the suspect could not be identified, according to figures released under the 2000 Freedom of Information Act. A total of 9,407 hate crimes were reported across the rail network between 2015 and the end of May 2018 – an average of eight a day. The details of the relatively low numbers of prosecutions or actions against reported hate crimes on the transport network comes at the end of year in which concerns have been expressed about an increase in hate crime nationally.. In some cases, the aftermath of the Brexit vote and the spate of terrorist attacks last year are believed to have been catalysts.
BTP also told the Guardian there had been an 82% rise in the number of hate crimes reported using its discreet text messaging service, 61016, which launched five years ago.

via guardian: Less than 25% of hate crime reports on UK railways lead to charges

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