Neo-Nazi movement leader-vigilant jailed for 10 years – #tesak #restrukt #OccupyPedophilia

Neo-Nazi movement leader jailed for 10 years in strict regime colony. The criminal case was reviewed after the defense team’s complaint. The Babushkinsky Court of Moscow sentenced the Restrukt neo-Nazi movement leader Maxim Martsinkevich nicknamed Tesak to 10 years in a strict regime colony. The convict’s lawyers appealed the first sentence issued in summer. Tesak was found guilty of extremism, hooliganism, causing grievous bodily harm, robbery, damage to another’s property, REN-TV reports. The Restrukt movement is known for searching for pedophiles, drug addicts, drug dealers and homosexuals on the Internet in order to conduct “educational conversations” with them and post their videos on the Internet as a warning to other potential victims. Martsinkevich was recognized as an extremist three times: in 2007, 2009 and 2014

via crimerussia: Neo-Nazi movement leader-vigilant jailed for 10 years

siehe auch: In Moscow, the court re-sentenced the nationalist Martsinkevich to 10 years in prison. The Babushkinsky Court of Moscow re-sentenced the nationalist Maxim Martsinkevich, known by the nickname Tesak, to 10 years in prison. This informs RIA Novosti. “The court appointed Martsinkevich punishment in the form of 10 years of imprisonment in a high-security penal colony,” said Maria Borovikova, press secretary of the court. It is noted that this was the second consideration of the case against Marcinkiewicz, since the first sentence was overturned by the appeals instance of the Moscow City Court. In June 2017, Martsinkevich was also sentenced to ten years in a high-security penal colony.

siehe auch: Jail Won’t Stop Russia’s Anti-Gay Psycho (2014). The conviction The Hatchet, infamous for filming the torture of gays, is good news. But the violence won’t end until homophobia stops being legal in Russia. (…) And now one of the nastiest men in Russia, Maxim Martsinkevich, has been sentenced to five years in prison. You may know Martsinkevich from the dozen videos posted on the Russian social networking site VKontakte showing him and his colleagues threatening, beating, stripping, torturing, urinating on, and otherwise harassing gay people. His gang, known as “Occupy Pedophilia,” would lure gay men with the promise of sexual encounters, usually with teenagers, and then humiliate them online.
The video that got Martsinkevich—nicknamed Tesak, or “The Hatchet”—into trouble was a particularly odious one, in which he stripped and beat a gay Iraqi man, shaved his head, painted Stars of David on his body and a rainbow on his forehead, and humiliated him with sex toys.
Presumably, “Iraqi” was not the most startling word in that sentence. Yet interestingly enough, it was the one that got him into trouble with the law. Tesak was jailed not for harassing gay people—that’s basically the law in Russia now—but for being racist. There’s a lot to unpack here. First, it is quite true that Tesak’s group of thugs has disproportionately picked on “foreigners,” from this Iraqi individual to a black South African and an Uzbek man whose brutal torture was thought, at first, to be a videotaped murder; Neo-Nazi movement leader jailed for 10 years in strict regime colony (2017). Neo-Nazi movement leader jailed for 10 years in strict regime colony. Leader of the Restrukt movement Maxim Martsinkevich is accused of hate speech and hooliganism⁠. The Babushkinsky District Court of the capital sentenced leader of the Restrukt informal movement Maxim Martsinkevich, aka Tesak, to 10 years in a strict-regime colony on Tuesday, June 27. It is noteworthy that the state prosecution asked 11.5 years of imprisonment under Article 282 (Incitement National Hatred or Enmity). This is due to the autobiographical book Restrukt, which in 2014 was recognized as extremist by the decision of the Chertanovskiy District Court of Moscow. The rest of the defendants of the case, as well as participants in the informal movement, are charged under Article 162 (Armed Robbery), Article 167 (Deliberate Destruction or Damage to Property), Article 213 (Hooliganism), Article 161 (Robbery), Article 111 (Causing Serious Harm to Health, including entailing death of a person) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. According to the investigation, during 2013-2014 they committed at least nine attacks on sellers of prohibited smoking mixtures. As stated in the case, the accused, appearing as buyers, were written off with the merchants through the Internet and appointed meetings. And when the sellers came, they were beaten, money and phones were seized. At the same time, taking advantage of the fact that the meetings were appointed in low-lying places, the defendants, according to investigators, filmed the merchants on the camera, forcing them to confess to crimes, and then uploaded these videos on the Internet; Russian nationalist Martsinkevich found guilty of inciting hatred and enmity. Russian nationalist Martsinkevich pleads not guilty to assaulting drug dealers. Moscow court returns criminal case against nationalist Martsinkevich to prosecutors. Moscow’s Babushkinsky District Court has found infamous Russian nationalist Maxim Martsinkevich guilty of inciting hatred and enmity, hooliganism, robbery and property destruction, RAPSI learnt in the court on Tuesday. Investigators believe that Martsinkevich, a.k.a. Tesak (Hatchet), and his supporters under pretense of drug interdiction attacked people in 2013-2014 in Moscow using electro shockers, gas sprayers and metallic pipes, leaving several people traumatized and one person dead. These attacks were allegedly connected to a movement “Occupy-Narcofil’ay” organized by Martsinkevich against synthetic cannabis (a.k.a. spice) dealers.

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