Nasa refused to change the name of mini-planet Ultima Thule despite its link to the Nazis

You might think Ultima Thule is a pretty cool-sounding name for the most distant object ever explored by humanity. But you need to get yourself reeducated because it’s actually a sick Nazi reference which is grotesquely insensitive and likely to offend any human being with a pair of ears. That’s the opinion of people who are absolutely outraged that Nasa would ever nickname a planet using a phrase used by the Nazis and which inspired the moniker of an obscure ‘Viking Rock’ band known to have skinhead and neo-Nazi fans. Ultima Thule is the snappier title given to a space rock called (486958) 2014 MU69 – but it was once known as the birthplace of the Aryan race. Critics say the ‘not OK’ name should have been scrapped as soon as its Nazi links were exposed.
Rock against racism… the name Ultima Thule has Nazi connotations
So far, Nasa has ignored the wailing of the offended and stuck with its decision. ‘New Horizons is an example – one of the best examples in our time – of raw exploration, and the term Ultima Thule, which is very old, many centuries old, possibly over a thousand years old, is a wonderful meme for exploration,’ Nasa’s Alan Stern said at a press conference yesterday ‘That’s why we chose it. I would say that just because some bad guys once liked that term, we’re not going to let them hijack it.’ We can only assume Alan has not performed a Twitter search to see what people are saying about Nasa’s choices. ‘If you know a name has ties to Nazi mythology it is absolutely not acceptable to name your publicly funded research after it, anyway,’ raged journalist Maggie Koerth-Baker. ‘There’s a tie to Nazi mythology. The people at NASA knew that and picked the name anyway. There are literal Nazis marching in the streets here. This is a not okay choice for the federal government.’

via metro: Nasa refused to change the name of mini-planet Ultima Thule despite its link to the Nazi

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