Students post Nazi-themed photo for dance invitation

Officials at a Twin Cities area high school wrote to parents after two students were pictured in a social media post doing a Nazi salute and holding a sign with references to Adolf Hitler. Jeff Erikson, principal at suburban Minnetonka High School, called the post “deeply offensive” in his note to parents. The photo on a private Instagram account showed a teenage girl and boy doing the salute as they held an apparent invitation to the school’s annual Valentine’s Day dance called Sweethearts.

via kfgo: Students post Nazi-themed photo for dance invitation

siehe auch: Backlash over Minnesota students’ Hitler-themed dance invite, Nazi salutes. Principal of Minnetonka High School says ‘deeply offensive’ incident will be taken seriously; local rabbi says Jewish students apprehensive about returning to school; Minnetonka HS Senior Uses Nazi-Themed Dance Invite. A Nazi-themed Sweetheart’s Dance proposal that was posted on a Minnetonka High School senior’s Finstagram page quickly went viral on Thursday afternoon leaving school district officials scrambling to get answers to angry parents. Maddi Fidler, a student at Minnetonka High School, first saw it in her school’s Jewish Student Union club groupchat. “Someone posted the picture to make us aware,” she said. “I thought it was a small thing, but then it was all over my Instagram. It’s crazy that so many people saw it and it was viral so quickly.” The student’s Finsta account was deleted, but apparently started a new one, in which the bio reads: “I apologize for my stupid mistake. There was no intent to offend anyone. Dm me if you would like to discuss anything.” Jacqui Getty, the school district’s communications director, said that the district, “Won’t be naming the students or identifying them by age or grade. Neither can we, due to privacy laws, share their consequences.” TC Jewfolk has independently confirmed that both students are seniors, but not the names and ages of both students, therefore we won’t name either of them at this time. Principal Jeff Erickson, in a letter to parents, said: “This deeply offensive message in no way aligns with our school core values: do the right thing and represent us well. “The students involved have since removed the message; I will not go into the specific details of what it said. As with any student disciplinary matter, we are governed by data privacy laws and will not be sharing details about the students or the consequences they will face for their actions. Please know that we take this matter seriously and are committed to ensuring a safe, positive environment for all students.

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