Man buys a hate group’s domain and turns it into a gay furry site

The Wolves of Odin is a far-right Canadian group that peddles Islamophobic immigration theories. Its members were caught earlier this year harassing Muslims and spying on the country’s oldest mosque. So when Canadian resident Brady Grumpelt realized didn’t have a Canadian web address with the related .ca suffix, he bought and turned it into a gay site with erotic images of furries.
Furries are people who feel attracted to people wearing animal mascot costumes or drawings of anthropomorphized creatures (anthros). While they’re not attracted to actual animals, sometimes their attraction to anthros is playfully platonic. Other times it’s intensely erotic. In Grumpelt’s case, he filled with images of male-wolves with names like “Chocolate_Rain” and “Bigger_Woofer” posing seductively in tight shorts. Some furries worry that his site will stigmatize their kink, but Grumpelt says he meant no offense and wanted only to mock the Wolves of Odin.
On Grumpelt’s site are a link to a GoFundMe campaign raising funds to remove hateful local graffiti and an offer to sell the domain to anyone who makes a $10,000 donation to HateFreeYEG, an Alberta-based organization fighting the influence of right-wing hate groups in the city of Edmonton.

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