Proud Boys Cite Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to Attack Antifa

After Dorsey said the company was ‘probably way too aggressive’ in stopping harassment of journalists, a hate group took the message as permission to go on the offensive. A recent interview by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey inspired far-right group the Proud Boys in a Twitter campaign to ban anti-fascists, according to chat logs reviewed by The Daily Beast.
In a group in the messenger app Telegram, leader Enrique Tarrio encouraged his group to report anti-fascist Twitter accounts, some of which identified members of extremist groups. Tarrio accused some of the anti-fascists of “doxxing,” a loose term for revealing personal information. But in the same chat, Tarrio encouraged doxxing “commies” and announced a new campaign in which Proud Boys would allegedly collect information about undocumented immigrants and release it in response to tweets and articles they dislike. Tarrio cited a recent Dorsey interview as supposed evidence Twitter would be sympathetic to their cause.
During an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast last week, Dorsey answered allegations that Twitter had been too quick to ban right-wing Twitter accounts. Dorsey addressed bans over the “learn to code” harassment campaign aimed at laid-off journalists, stating that he “we were probably way too aggressive” in combating the campaign. In a Telegram group called “PB Mass Report thread,” Tarrio used Dorsey’s interview to rally against anti-fascists last week. “With the developments today on the Joe Rogan podcast. It is important that you tweet @twittersupport on account[s] that we know are Antifa. Always use this link when tweeting,” Tarrio wrote, linking to a U.K. outlet’s article that falsely claimed “US security agencies label Antifa ‘domestic terrorists.’” (“Antifa” is a political stance, not an official group. The U.K. article incorrectly aggregated a Politico article that claimed the Department of Homeland Security classified actions of individual “anarchist extremists” as domestic terrorism.)

via daily beast: Proud Boys Cite Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to Attack Antifa

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