After New Zealand Shooting, Far-right, Racists Claim Victimhood, Hail Killer as Hero

Andrew Anglin found humor in the livestreamed video of a man in New Zealand storming into the Al Noor mosque in Christchurch, then shooting and killing 49 people. Anglin, who runs the neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer, noted that a video of the shooting was being taken down almost as fast as people could put it up. “That being said, of the mass shootings I have seen this is by far the funniest one of them all,” Anglin wrote Friday morning, just hours after the mass killings. He continued: This dude is already a folk hero to so many, and we have to agree that what he did was indisputably heroic in the classical sense. It is not an uncommon thing for heroes to act foolishly. The odds are people are going to crowdfund statues and memorials in honor of this guy. This dude is funny and joking around, which makes him seem far more funny and personable than the death cult invaders that he is slaughtering. (…) His guns and equipment were marked in white with white supremacist slogans, including the “14 Words” that are a common refrain among the far right and racist communities and were first coined by American white nationalist David Lane. (…) In typical fashion, Anglin stopped just short of openly applauding the shooter in posts on the Daily Stormer. “Listen: no one gives a fuck about Moslems. These people kill us every day, they kidnap our girls, they overcome our countries and riot in the streets, and normal people are laughing their asses off that for once in history someone actually gave back what we’ve been getting,” Anglin wrote. “I don’t support this attack, obviously – I am a man of peace. But it sure as hell wasn’t bad optics.”

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