Hiwaymen and Shieldwall Network Flop in Little Rock

A member of the neo-Confederate Hiwaymen took to the steps of the Arkansas state capitol at a rally Saturday to denounce abortion as a Nazi tactic used to promote eugenics. A few feet away, Johan Carollo led members of the neo-Nazi Shieldwall group in taunting counterprotesters. “Six million more! Six million more!” they chanted, making a reference to the frequently cited estimate of Jewish people killed in the Holocaust. The rally in Little Rock on March 9 had been advertised as a pro-Second Amendment and anti-abortion gathering of the two groups. While signs waved by members of both covered those topics, the rhetoric was decidedly anti-abortion from the Hiwaymen and confusing from Shieldwall, which seemed mostly interested in taunting the counterprotesters. About 25 members of the Hiwaymen stood on the capitol steps as clouds gave way to sunshine throughout the afternoon. About a dozen people wore the black of Shieldwall, although some, such as Carollo, were former members of the Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP) and the National Socialist Movement (NSM). For Billy Roper, the head of Shieldwall, the turnout was about average for him – less than promised and less than overwhelming.

via splcenter: Hiwaymen and Shieldwall Network Flop in Little Rock

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