Czech Police investigating assault on Romani children as a felony now

A meeting was held on 9 April 2019 at the Municipal Authority of Lipník nad Bečvou between representatives of civil society, local residents, the municipality and the police. The agenda was discussion of the incident on Sunday during which a man and woman brutally assaulted several Romani children, several of whom have remained in hospital since then.
The police confirmed that they are now investigating the case as a felony, not as a misdemeanor against civil coexistence. Prosecutorial supervision has also been arranged. The meeting was attended by the vice-mayor, the head of the Czech Police in Lipník; representatives of local police; the Regional Coordinator for National Minorities, Renáta Köttnerová; field worker and career youth advisor Ivan Kandráč (from People in Need in Přerov); and two other representatives of the Romani community. The contact officer for national minorities from the Regional Directorate of the Police of the Czech Republic also attended.
For the children who have become victims of the attack, the presence of a psychologist able to provide aid as part of crisis intervention was also arranged on the basis of a request made by a staffer with the local drop-in club for children and youth. According to information news server received from Kandráč, the families of the assaulted children do not want any marches or protests held in Lipník in association with the attack.

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