White #Supremacist Stolen Valor: A New Leader of Neo-Nazi #Atomwaffen Division #Terror Group Identified

Arizona White Supremacist Falsely Claims he is U.S. Army Combat Veteran
Domestic Terrorist says he is stockpiling weapons and ammunition to carry out mass shooting attacks: “I’m a Sleeper Cell Psycho Training Lads and Building Weapons” A new leader of the clandestine armed paramilitary Atomwaffen Division domestic terror group is a military imposter who never served in the U.S. Army, is not a combat veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and is not currently serving in the Arizona Army National Guard–all claims he has detailed to his followers in recent years, according to U.S. Department of Defense and Arizona National Guard military records. Cody William Moreash, 32, of Tempe, Arizona, a veteran leader of the extremist Neo-Nazi American white racist movement, fabricated a fictitious biography of a battle hardened U.S. Army combat veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and has convinced other members of the paramilitary Atomwaffen Division terror group and their extremist allies he is a U.S. army trained infantry soldier and expert marksman skilled in military tactics and high-tech weaponry, according to interviews with former members of the terror group this week and chat logs of Moreash intercepted from private online servers where members of the terrorist group and other white supremacist extremists gather. Cody William Moreash, 32, national head of the clandestine Atomwaffen Division terror group in his home in Tempe, Arizona in 2018 (Photo ©Nate Thayer)
“I traveled the world and killed people in exotic countries. I think I was the first kid on my block to get a confirmed kill tbh,” he wrote on the discussion board of a white nationalist server hosted by the Discord online gaming platform that pays homage to South Carolina church shooter, convicted terrorist Dylan Roof, where extremists congregate by invitation only.
“My first tattoo made me ID’able (sic) as a white supremacist lol. I still got in the Army,” Moreash told members of the Atomwaffen Division and other sympathetic Neo-Nazis in January 2018. “War is Hell. I hate war. But it is all I want to go back to. I purposely joined the Army to die.” “So you were a gunner?” another white supremacist asked Moreash on January 30 last year. “I shot a belt fed machine gun at whoever moved. I used M4s too,” Moreash responded. “I have a high body count.” “I’ve cleared lots of houses without entering them and went in and found just dead women and kids. It fucks with my head,” Moreash told a group of fellow extremists in February 2018. “Of my kills, probably 20% of them deserved it. It’s why I drink and smoke weed. I wont admit to shit to get diagnosed with PTSD, just other things. But seeing them dying sucks a little, screaming Afghans holding a dead kid then blasting them. I’m evil, but I feel bad about the shit like that.” But if Mr. Moreash was the “first kid on my block to get a confirmed kill”, he did so while residing in the state of Arizona and not on behalf of the United States Army in war zones in the Middle East or South Asia. U.S. military records show Moreash never served in the Army, or any other branch of the military, and other records, including work histories verified by his employers, show he has resided uninterrupted in the state of Arizona since graduating high school in 2005. These are among some of the findings of a several month investigation of the Neo-Nazi paramilitary Atomwaffen Division domestic terrorist group.

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