Why hasn’t Facebook banned any far-right groups in Quebec?

None of the leading experts on radicalization in the province say the company has sought their input. When several Canadian groups and individuals were banned recently from Facebook for spreading hate, it was widely remarked that none of them were from Quebec, despite a sizeable far-right scene in the province. A spokesperson for the social media giant told CBC News that its review of “organized hate” on its platforms is ongoing, raising the possibility that far-right groups in Quebec could still be banned. But the failure to include Quebec-based groups or individuals on the list of permanently banned accounts, announced earlier this month, puzzled those who monitor and study extremism in the province.
There are, after all, several far-right groups which operate openly in Quebec. Some experts wonder if Facebook lacks the necessary language skills needed to identify accounts circulating extremist content in Quebec. “These groups express themselves mainly in French, and maybe [Facebook] doesn’t have enough francophones, or algorithms capable of doing the job,” said David Morin, a University of Sherbrooke professor who holds a UNESCO chair in the prevention of radicalization.

via cbc: Why hasn’t Facebook banned any far-right groups in Quebec?

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