Alt-right: underground – for now

Far right groups have largely gone underground since the Christchurch terror attacks. It appears that police, political and media scrutiny has unnerved some people and groups who were previously active. RNZ reporter Gyles Beckford, whose Insight documentary on the subject aired last night, went down the rabbit hole of hate to follow them. They’re groups such as Western Guard, The Dominion Movement, and the National Front Right Wing Resistance. Beckford says the environment and tone of this country has changed since the mosque shootings, and those who once felt comfortable expressing their extreme points of view publicly have decided that discretion, in the current environment, is probably the better part of valour. Web sites have been taken down, Facebook feeds sanitised, comments deleted, and people have dropped from public view. But Beckford says the views that they hold have not disappeared – and in all likelihood they haven’t disappeared for too long either. They are ideas such as that multiculturalism and cultural diversity are white genocide. They live on in the bowels of anonymous web chat rooms, of the likes of 4chan, 8chan, Gab, and Stormfront, are largely driven by like-minded thinkers overseas.

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