Neo-Nazi working for City of Hamilton raises concerns

A former city councillor in Hamilton, Ont., is accusing municipal staff of covering up the fact that the former leader of a neo-Nazi group has been working in the city’s information technology department for the past decade. Matthew Green was the city’s first black councillor, representing Hamilton’s impoverished inner-city Ward 3 for a single term, and is planning to run for the NDP in the next federal election. In an emailed statement to The CJN, Green said he was “disgusted” to learn a hate-monger “has infiltrated the City of Hamilton’s IT department and with it had back end access to all my political and by extension personal online information.” Green’s anger was ignited by the recent revelation that Marc Lemire, an acknowledged white supremacist and former leader of the Heritage Front, a virulent neo-Nazi organization, has been working for a decade as a senior IT analyst for the city, a position that gives him access to sensitive online information about city employees and activities. News of the discovery was first reported by the online news site Vice. Green complained that during his time on council, he was often provided with sensitive and confidential information by city staff and residents about their experiences with racism in the city. Allowing someone with ties to white supremacist and racist groups “complete and undetectable access” to that information amounts to a breach of public trust, he said.

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