Mysterious Neo-Nazi Advocated Terrorism for Six Years Before Disappearance

“Alexander Slavros,” a pseudonymous Eastern European essayist and founder of the neo-fascist forum Iron March, no longer appears online under that alias – but his ideology, rooted in thoughts of violence, racial conquest and fascist purity, is spreading. Hatewatch analyzed Slavros’s writings, including close to 6,000 of his posts taken from a scrape of Iron March that covers its launch in 2011 until late September 2017, two months before both he and his forum disappeared from the web without warning. The scrape, which is a recording of every post on that forum cataloged by date, reveals Slavros to be a man consumed with, as he put it, a violent, “no compromise” approach to installing fascism the world over.
The rigid worldview that Slavros embodied helped spawn a series of murders and terror attacks linked to Iron March forum members, as Hatewatch reported in February. In our follow-up reporting on Iron March for this story, Hatewatch also discovered a series of bomb-making instructions posted to the site, further emphasizing the threat the Iron March community posed to innocent people.Slavros would have either had to upload or approve of the bomb-making materials, because as its principal moderator, he kept tight control over the content allowed on the site, an extensive review of the scrape reveals. “We don’t think murder is wrong on principle and we do not believe that every human life is sacred,” Slavros wrote in an undated essay published to Iron March called “Methods, Goals and Moralizing,” which attempted to justify terrorism as a means to install fascist power. “This applies to our own people as well, just because they are kin by blood doesn’t mean they can’t be cancer to the nation which must be removed in order for Truth and Justice to triumph.” Slavros held tightly to this extreme worldview throughout Iron March’s time online, his writings indicate, even while the lives of other forum users spiraled into tragedy.

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