Botswana decriminalises homosexuality in landmark ruling for LGBT+ rights

More than two dozen countries in sub-Saharan Africa have laws criminalising gay sex. Botswana became the latest country to decriminalise homosexuality on Tuesday, celebrated by activists as a day of “pride, compassion and love.” In the landmark ruling, the southern African nation’s High Court rejected sections of the penal code that criminalise same-sex relations and impose up to seven years in prison. High Court said in its ruling that penalising people for who they are is disrespectful, and the law should not deal with private acts between consenting adults. The right to privacy includes sexual orientation, which is innate and not a fashion statement, the judges said. Prohibitive legal environments increase the vulnerability of gay men, transgender women and others to HIV, the statement said. The ruling also cited the recent decriminalisation in India and elsewhere. It also pointed out that all three arms of Botswana’s government have expressed the need to protect the rights of the gay community.

via independent: Botswana decriminalises homosexuality in landmark ruling for LGBT+ rights

siehe auch: Botswana scraps gay sex laws in big victory for LGBTQ rights in Africa. Botswana’s High Court has overturned a colonial-era law criminalizing consensual same-sex relations in a landmark victory for Africa’s LGBTQ movements. The court in the southern African country unanimously ruled on Tuesday that the legislation was discriminatory, unconstitutional and against the public interest. “A democratic society is one that embraces tolerance, diversity and open-mindedness,” Justice Michael Leburu said, noting that discriminatory law not only serves as a detriment to LGBTQ people, but holds back all of society. “Societal inclusion is central to ending poverty and fostering shared prosperity,” he said.

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