Jewish woman tells court how followers of a neo-Nazi targeted her

She’d endured the hate from strangers for years, trying to ignore it, trying to move on. But in court Thursday, she had to relive it again. The voicemail that was just gunshots. The emails wishing her dead. The photo of her young son on the gates of Auschwitz. She felt a part of her was broken forever. But as she spoke out against the neo-Nazi she believes responsible for her family’s hell, she also knew she was stronger. Tanya Gersh testified for more than an hour in a courtroom in Missoula, Montana, describing in painstaking detail what happened after Andrew Anglin published her name and contact details on the Daily Stormer neo-Nazi website. They were listed on a post criticizing her after she became involved in a dispute with the mother of a white nationalist and condemning her for being Jewish. She listened as her therapist described what she was like on days that were a dizzying blur to her. Gersh, 46, a realtor and mother of two, got messages that said: “I hope you die,” “Kill yourself,” and “We will take pleasure in your pain.” One voicemail said: “You are surprisingly easy to find on the Internet. And in real life.” “This is something that will forever change me,” Gersh told CNN after court. “I’m never going to be the same Tanya again.” But she was there, in the courtroom, and he was not. Anglin had said he feared for his safety if he appeared at the hearing as demanded by the judge. “Andrew Anglin already admitted that he didn’t show up because he was scared to show up and fight,” Gersh said.

via kxlh: Jewish woman tells court how followers of a neo-Nazi targeted her

siehe auch: Montana woman testifies in neo-Nazi internet troll lawsuit. Andrew Anglin, the founder of a major neo-Nazi website, is accused of orchestrating a harassment campaign that relentlessly terrorized Tanya Gersh and her family with antisemitic threats. A Montana real estate agent says she’s feeling the emotional and financial effects nearly three years after the publisher of a neo-Nazi website told his followers to unleash a “troll storm” on her family. Happening now: “There will be serious consequences if you terrorize people. It’s time we send this message and it’s time they listen.” Tanya Gersh giving statement after evidentiary hearing in Gersh v. Anglin. Photo: NBC Montana (…) Gersh said some voicemails were just the sounds of multiple gunshots. One email said, “We are everywhere. We will not give up. Game over for you Jews.” At times Gersh sobbed while describing the events, especially related to her son. One Twitter message sent to him had the image of an oven with the message, “Psst, kid there’s a free Xbox 1 inside this oven.” Anglin was not in courtroom. Before closing out her testimony, Gersh said, “Andrew Anglin won’t ever take my faith away from me. If anything, I’m determined to make it much much stronger. But I’m scared.”

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