Record of Suspect in Anti-LGBTQ Beating Reveals Previous Hate, Criminal Activity

Julian Austin Calfy, a suspect in the beating of a gay man, served five years of a 16-year sentence for terroristic threatening and criminal possession of explosive material, Hatewatch has learned. Calfy qualified for early release from an Arkansas prison because he met state requirements for shortening his term. Although released from prison in 2016, Calfy returned to a cell June 21. He’s one of three suspects accused of luring a gay man to a house and attacking him. Calfy sits in an Arkansas jail charged with felony second-degree battery charges. While in prison, Calfy finished two anger management courses in 2014 and 2015, records show. He also completed a “thinking errors” group and a domestic violence program while imprisoned. A review of judicial and prison documents shows that Calfy, 23, has been in and out of jails since his teen years. He has been adjudicated as a delinquent, was arrested for threatening a Columbine-like slaughter at his high school and said of his mother, “I’m fixing to fuckin’ kill her.” An examination of his record shows:· Calfy’s mother testified seven years ago that her son made “racial statements” regularly. · He was expelled from his high school and banned from school property for making threats against the school and its students. · Prosecutors, in one case, claimed Calfy had a history of making racial and hate statements, and assaulting his classmates.
Soon after his arrest, Hatewatch reported that Calfy has a tattoo that appears to represent a white supremacist ideology, the “Phineas Priesthood.” As he remains jailed with a $50,000 bond for the most recent battery charges, Calfy calls himself the regional recruiter with the white nationalist hate group Shieldwall Network. The road he took to get there winds through California and Arkansas and into the world of white nationalism. (Billy Roper, the former deputy membership coordinator for the neo-Nazi National Alliance, runs the Shieldwall Network.)

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