Czech MP says his assistant’s remark that refugees could be killed with machine guns does not bother him

“Friends, if we don’t find the courage to sink the NGO boats and lock up the smugglers for their organized trafficking, then nothing will ever change. Europe, wake up!!!” posted Czech MP Zdeněk Ondráček (Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia – KSČM) to his Facebook profile recently. We probably should not expect anything else from this MP, who is infamous for having participated as a police officer in the violent repression of demonstrators in Czechoslovakia in 1989, but the idea to sink the NGO boats that have been saving hundreds of refugees’ lives annually is not unique to him. If I recall correctly, similar comments have been made here by Czech President Miloš Zeman, by Milan Chovanec (Czech Social Democratic Party – ČSSD), by Tomio Okamura and other politicians from the Fascist hatchery here. Mow down the refugees with a machine gun
Michal Kraft, assistant to Czech MP Jaroslav Foldyna (ČSSD) has now done them one better, as the Deník N daily has discovered – he has published a text calling for boats rescuing refugees to be shot at with machine guns: “The first step must be the immediate cessation of immigration. Even if the current European political representation is doing their best to allege that such a thing is impossible, in reality it can be dealt with quite quickly. With just a few helicopters and fast boats armed with machine guns and cameras, it would be a mission that would take just a few weeks – a month at the very most – and the budget would be negligible. Locating the boats with migrants and sinking them is a trivial affair from a military perspective, it could be conceived of as an exercise for first-year cadets of military academies. Similarly, it is not a problem, by using today’s information technology, to disseminate the information throughout the Third World that any attempt to enter Europe will end in death. This solution is even feasible without breaking international law. In that respect, however, I’ll keep the exact details of the approach to myself.” This piece was attributed to an author named “Walter Kraft”, but Foldyna has of course confirmed that it was his assistant, Michal Kraft, who is the author. Foldyna said he disagrees with these calls for murder, but will continue to consult with his assistant about other issues. “Shooting those people, no. Taking them off the boats, sinking the boats and arresting the crew, that certainly should be done,” the Social Democratic MP said. Kraft has also said he believes that immigrants and Muslims who have already made it to Europe should be deported just as the Germans were expelled from postwar Czechoslovakia, and that even immigrants and Muslims who have already received citizenship in European countries should also be expelled. Jan Moláček, who is a commentator for Deník N, said that Kraft’s piece, entitled “Is the future of Europe Islamic?” was published several days ago on the web page of the “Czech Society for the Study of Civilization”. “Despite its name, that is not an academic institution, but a group promoting conspiracy theories according to which migration into Europe is actually an Islamic invasion. It was established by the sociologist Petr Hampl, one of the most famous faces of the anti-Islam, xenophobic scene in the Czech Republic, along with Martin Konvička,” Moláček writes. “In addition, other famous advocates of similar opinions figure in that group, such as Petr Žantovský, Benjamin Kuras or Michal Semín,” Moláček notes. This is an infamous group of people who have also been active around the Akce D.O.S.T. initiative.

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