Brother Says He Reported White Nationalist State Department Official to the FBI

The brother of white nationalist U.S. State Department Official Matthew Q. Gebert reported him to the FBI in July over concerns about his radicalization, he told Hatewatch. Michael Gebert, 30, told Hatewatch that he reported his older brother through the electronic tip form on the FBI’s website on July 2, 2019, over concerns about his role in the State Department – relative to what he believes to be his brother’s white nationalist ideology. “I saw so much evil in my brother, I could not fucking deal with it,” Michael Gebert told Hatewatch. Michael Gebert detailed, from his apartment, what led him to contact authorities. Hatewatch reported on Aug. 7, 2019, that Matthew Q. Gebert, 38, a foreign affairs officer in the U.S. State Department, first radicalized to white nationalism in 2015, according to his own words on a white nationalist forum. He led the Washington, D.C.-area chapter of a white nationalist organization called “The Right Stuff,” according to sources who spoke to Hatewatch and archived posts from a white nationalist forum. He hosted other white nationalists at his home and produced racist and antisemitic propaganda on social media and podcasts through the pseudonym “Coach Finstock.” The State Department suspended Gebert on Aug. 7, in the immediate aftermath of the publication of Hatewatch’s investigation. The State Department confirmed to Hatewatch that he is under investigation. Michael Gebert said the depths of Matthew Q. Gebert’s radicalization became apparent in a confrontation they had in the summer of 2018 at a family gathering hosted in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. There, the two brothers consumed alcohol, he said, and Matthew Q. Gebert spoke about Jews, immigrants and other minorities in terms that frightened him. “I ran crying into the darkness,” Michael Gebert said of the 2018 confrontation. Michael Gebert told Hatewatch that he drank “20 ounces of St. Ides” malt liquor to find the courage to submit the tip to the FBI. “I love my brother,” Michael Gebert told Hatewatch, underscoring his internal conflict in reporting him to the FBI. “My brother will make it through this.” Hatewatch reached out to Matthew Q. Gebert by email for a comment on this story, and he did not immediately reply. U.S. State Department official Matthew Q. Gebert, standing in front of the person in black, is pictured here in Charlottesville, Virginia, in May 2017. The rally was staged by white nationalists. Michael Gebert confirmed the photo of a man participating at a white nationalist event in Charlottesville, Virginia, in May of 2017 published by Hatewatch on Aug. 9, 2019, was of his brother. He also listened to “Coach Finstock” talking about his views on a podcast recorded with “alt-right” internet personality “Ricky Vaughn” in February 2018 and provided additional verification of his voice.

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