New evidence emerges of Russian role in Ukraine conflict

Research group Forensic Architecture collected images to use in ECHR case. Newly collated evidence documenting Russian military involvement in the conflict in Ukraine will be used to bolster legal claims against the Russian state by Ukrainian volunteer fighters. Forensic Architecture, a London-based research group, has collected and catalogued evidence of Russian military involvement in the battle of Ilovaysk in August 2014, including the presence of a model of tank used only by the Russian armed forces at that time. The evidence will be appended to a case to be ruled on by the European court of human rights (ECHR) and has been released on a publicly viewable online platform. The evidence includes numerous satellite images of Russian armed convoys inside Ukraine and multiple sightings of the T-72B3 tank, a new model which at the time of the battle was operated only by the Russian armed forces. Russia has continually denied military involvement in Ukraine despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. In the battle of Ilovaysk, which came to a head at the end of August 2014, Ukrainian army units and volunteer battalions on one side were pitted against separatist and Russian military forces on the other, resulting in hundreds of deaths on both sides. Many of the Ukrainian casualties happened after their forces were encircled and then attacked when they tried to retreat after a ceasefire had been agreed. The survivors included 25 Ukrainian volunteers from the Donbass Battalion, which fought alongside the regular army during the war in 2014. They were among a larger group captured at Ilovaysk by men they believe to be from a regular Russian army unit.

via guardian: New evidence emerges of Russian role in Ukraine conflict

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