#Edmonton #LGBTQ gym closes, says it was doxed by far right group – #terror

An Edmonton LGBTQ gym has temporarily closed its doors due to safety and security concerns after a member of a far-right group posted names and photos of gym members and trainers online, as well as links to their Facebook accounts. It’s what appears to be the latest escalation in a feud that’s been going on for months. Queerflex posted a statement on Facebook Thursday and their website forwarded to a landing page that said the gym was temporarily closed, effective Wednesday. The Facebook statement said members of the Queerflex team and the gym itself were victims of doxxing, which is when personal information about individuals is posted online with malicious intent. “QUEERFLEX takes any threats — direct or implied — to our members, contractors, volunteers, and anyone affiliated with our gym seriously … Although we have been assured by multiple channels that this small group has not been known to show themselves in person, we do not want to take any chances with anyone’s safety,” the statement reads. Queerflex says it has met with the Edmonton police hate crimes unit, is working to increase the security of its building and is suspending all memberships to avoid any financial issues during the temporary closure. “Incidents like these highlight not only the need for safe spaces for the 2SLGBTQIA+ community but the need to band together and support one another,” the statement reads. “We want to thank those who have been by our side, especially in the last few months, and we will keep our membership updated on our reopening.” Edmonton police confirmed they are investigating the incident.

via the star: Edmonton LGBTQ gym closes, says it was doxed by far right group

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