Right wing terror group accused in court

A man has appeared in court charged with terrorism offences relating to his alleged support for an international right wing terror group, the FKD. Luke Hunter is alleged to have encouraged the murder of homosexuals, Jews, and non-white people, and shared a video of the Christchurch shooting. The 21-year-old, of High Callerton, Newcastle, entered no plea at Westminster Magistrates’ Court.

via bbc: Right wing terror group accused in court

siehe auch: Feuerkrieg Division (FKD). A small international neo-Nazi group that advocates for a race war and holds some of the white supremacist movement’s most extreme views. Feuerkrieg Division, or FKD, calls for violence against their perceived enemies and destruction of “the system,” or society at large, which they believe is controlled by the Jews. Established in late 2018, FKD is an international organization with about 30 members. FKD has European roots but has recently expanded its outreach to American audiences. While the bulk of their activity is online, members have engaged in leafleting efforts, distributing violent, racist and anti-Semitic propaganda. FKD promotes Siege culture mentality and the concept of accelerationism.
Feuerkrieg Division (FKD) is a small, international neo-Nazi organization that embraces the most extreme interpretations of white supremacist ideology. Their current leader lives in Estonia, but the group’s membership is increasingly American. The group celebrates the concepts promoted in Siege, a collection of noxious essays written by U.S.-based neo-Nazi James Mason. Even their Gab bio states “

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