‘Neo-Nazi’ teen ‘listed #terror attack targets’

A teenage neo-Nazi who described himself as a “natural sadist” listed targets for a terror attack in his own “guerrilla warfare” manual, a court heard. The 16-year-old boy, from Durham, denies six terrorism offences. He listed “means of attack” and “areas to attack” in the self-written manual, Manchester Crown Court heard. Prosecutors said the boy also marked Adolf Hitler’s birthday by calling him “a brave man to say the least”. Michelle Nelson QC, prosecuting, said that since about 2016 the boy had been “an adherent of a right-wing ideology” but “by late 2017 his view had hardened and he became an adherent of neo-Nazism”. In the course of internet searches, he looked for locations of synagogues and wrote of planning to conduct an arson spree targeting synagogues in the Durham area using Molotov cocktails, she told the jury. The boy, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, also visited websites on firearms, searched for knives and explosives, and was in communication with a gun auctioneer, Ms Nelson said.

via bbc: ‘Neo-Nazi’ teen ‘listed terror attack targets’

siehe auch: Teenage neo-Nazi from Durham listed venues in home city “worth attacking,” jury told. A TEENAGE neo-Nazi who listed venues in his home city “worth attacking” wrote of hoping to follow in the footsteps of Adolf Hitler, a jury has heard. The 16-year-boy from Durham was said to have begun drafting a manifesto entitled “A Manual for practical and sensible guerrilla warfare against the kike system in the Durham City area, Sieg Heil”. Within the document was a list of local targets including schools, post offices, pubs, council buildings, a passport office and a bus station, Manchester Crown Court was told. The youngster, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, also allegedly wrote of planning to conduct an arson spree with Molotov cocktails on synagogues in the Durham area. The document was seized along with a diary, books – including Hitler’s autobiography Mein Kampf – and computer devices by police who searched his home in March. Prosecutor Michelle Nelson QC said the gathered material revealed the defendant had been a follower of a right-wing ideology since 2016. She said: “Following much research on his part and much readings, by late 2017 his view had hardened and he became an adherent of neo-Nazism – the most extreme of right-wing ideology – wedded to the idea of accelerationism which calls for the acceleration of the demise of liberal democracy and by acts of violence.” She said he sought out and amassed online, and in hard copy, a collection of material on explosives and firearms that were viable and by December 2018 had joined an extreme right-wing online forum where information was shared on “accelerationism”. Among his diary entries he marked Hitler’s birthday by writing: “A brave man to say the least. Although maybe having written proof that I admire their number one enemy isn’t such a wise idea. I will however say that I one day hope to follow in his footsteps.” Around the same time he wrote of his dislike of school and spoke disparagingly of Durham having a Jewish MP, the court heard.

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