#LEAKED: Neo-Nazi Terrorist ‘#Feuerkrieg Division’ Organizing Chats – #terror #fkd


In early 2020, the more violent and radical end of the neo-nazi movement has come under increasing scrutiny and legal prosecution. Members of Atomwaffen and The Base, both neo-nazi groups that openly embrace terrorist tactics, have recently been arrested in ongoing high-profile criminal cases. The US State Department has recently moved to have Atomwaffen designated as a foreign terrorist group, although this designation has not yet been made official or approved by the White House. Another similar group called the Feuerkrieg Division (FKD) shares the same goals as Atomwaffen and The Base. They openly call for mass shootings and other attacks on civilians and infrastructure, which they believe hasten their desired ‘race war’. Members of FKD have been exposed recently by an investigation published by Eugene Antifa, a group in Oregon working to expose neo-nazis, which warned the group was acting as “a pressure cooker for potential terrorists.” FKD’s European activities were also recently reported by Roman Hoffner in the German newspaper Der Speigel.
A review of the last 8 months of leaked FKD chats, coupled with information released in criminal cases against several of its members, paints a concerning and frightening picture. Leaked chat archives from inside the Feuerkrieg Division, including months of chat records the group believed to have deleted, have been obtained by Unicorn Riot. (A full download of the archive can be found at the bottom of this post.) A review of FKD’s leaked chat provides insight into several concerning details and trends surrounding this collection of aspiring neo-nazi mass murderers, which has maintained active cells in both the USA and Europe.

via unicornriot: LEAKED: Neo-Nazi Terrorist ‘Feuerkrieg Division’ Organizing Chats

Download the Feuerkrieg Division Data Leak (ZIP, 1.2 GB)