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In 1985, a group of Nordic Reich Party supporters marched through the streets of Växjö, Sweden. At one turn, a woman leapt from the crowd, smashing her handbag into the skull of a Neo-Nazi supporter. Hans Runesson grabbed his camera and got the shot. Even today, his photo is held up as an iconic image of protest. Danuta Danielsson, the woman with the handbag, had moved to Sweden a few years before, to marry a Swedish man. She’d grown up in a Polish-Jewish family. Her mother had survived a concentration camp during World War II. Seeing the Nazis in her new home, she snapped. The image brought her international recognition — with people both celebrating her and vilifying her. Two years later, already battling a mental illness that the media attention exacerbated, she jumped off a water tower, committing suicide.

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siehe auch: Danuta Danielsson und ihre Handtasche gegen Neonazis. (…) Am 13 April 1985 hat Danuta Danielsson eine jüdisch-polnische Frau, deren Mutter in ein Konzentrationslager in Ww2 verschleppt wurde, mit ihrer Handtasche in Växjö, Schweden, einen lokalen Neo Nazi getroffen. Die Neo-Nazis wurden anschließend aus der Stadt vertrieben und eine Statue wurde zu ihrer Ehre gemacht.

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